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Planetsorare : how to play Sorare

Welcome to, the page for all managers of the fantasy game Sorare.

If you have already heard of the game, but your are not familiar with the details yet, here is a quick summary for you: Sorare is a revolutionary game as it combines fantasy football with player cards in the form of NFTs. The cards can be purchased and sold using the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH).

On this homepage, our experts explain in great detail everything you need to know about Sorare. Working with Sorare, we have already gained plenty of experience, which we are happy to share with you. Additionally we will provide you with everything newsworthy about the game on a regular basis. Long story short, we will show you every trick in the book to become a great football manager!


  • Top scores from Game Week players 469

    Another day of world football championships has gone by and the top scores on Planetsorare have just landed! So you can still buy the players’ cards, as there’s still a month of competition left before the summer break. Rest assured, the cards will also be eligible for the 2024 European Football Championship next June.

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    The start of the 2024 playoffs on Sorare NBA is fast approaching from April 19. To prepare for the final tournament of the season, Sorare teams have modified the rules with a new tournament to adapt to the competition format. Let’s take a look at what will change during this period.

  • Major League Baseball’s new 2024 season resumes on Sorare

    Welcome to the 2024 Major League Baseball (MLB) season on Sorare fantasy! It’s going to be an exciting year with new features, new tournaments, new rewards and new player cards for fantasy baseball fans.

  • Gameweek 453’s top football scores

    Matchday 453 on Sorare soccer Fantasy has once again delivered some great encounters on the pitches of Europe and beyond. Whether in Ligue 1 with the PSG-Rennes match, in Serie A with AC Milan-Atalanta or in La Liga with the Real Madrid-Sevilla duel. At the end of the day, we’ve put together the best player…

  • Jeremy Ebobisse & Xherdan Shaqiri: our 2 talents to buy in Major League Soccer

    Thursday 22 February 2024 sees the return of Major League Soccer to the United States. Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Luis Suarez’s Inter Miami will be trying to win the first title in their history in this country. Just before the start of the championship, here are the prices of 2-player Sorare cards for less…

  • Roadmap Sorare 2024: new competition in Cap 240

    Sorare has kicked off 2024 with the announcement of major changes to come! From February to August, the game mode will undergo a profound evolution, with changes at every level. One example is the famous Cap 240 tournament.

How the game system works

Sorare was founded in 2018 by Frenchmen Nicolas Julia and Adrien Monfort. Their goal was to launch a football-based gaming platform that would bring multiple areas together. This is how they envisioned a fantasy soccer game linked to the trading of player cards (like the Panini stickers of our childhood) using cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

To kick off their adventure, the two began building partnerships with clubs and competitions. The clubs included Paris-Saint-Germain as well as Real Madrid, AC Milan and Austria Vienna. To date, Sorare has 245 licensed clubs and 44 championships/competitions on offer. Beyond soccer, the company will soon launch a platform dedicated to the US Baseball League (MLB). Other sports will soon follow.

Since its inception, Sorare has attracted more than 600,000 users on its platform. The Sorare app has been available since May 2022. Do you want to be the next successful manager? If you don’t have an account yet, simply click on one of the links on our pages to register. You will then receive a limited card.

245 officially licensed clubs for sorare
245 clubs
affiliation planetsorare

How to register your Sorare account

In this part, we will show you how to create a new account in Sorare. If you wish to open an account, just click on any of the links on our website. Then click on “register” on the home page and follow the different steps.

Following data is needed to create your new manager account:

  • Email
  • Nickname
  • Password

Players who want to register faster can simply sign up with their Gmail or Facebook accounts. To confirm the registration, all you have to do is tick a box declaring that you accept the company’s terms and conditions.

If all details are correct, the account will be created and verified immediately. The player can then start with an introduction to the game, which we highly recommend. Every game then commences with the new manager being asked to select 3 clubs. Our first piece of advice is to opt for clubs with a high membership count. This will pay off once you get your first free cards.

sign up on sorare as new customer

How to play fantasy football

After receiving your first free cards from Sorare, you can enjoy the game Fantasy Foot for free. However, the “Common” cards only allow you to participate in the “Casual” tournament. As for every So5 league in the game, it is possible to register a team twice a week via GM (Game Week).

To join a league, you have to select “Play” at the top of the page and then register a team of 5 players for the current game week. In a team of 5 players, 1 player (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, attacker) and one substitute are required for each position. You must also appoint one player as captain. At the end of each GM in Casual mode, only the top 3 managers on the scoreboard will be rewarded with Tier-1-Limited, Tier-2-Limited, and Tier-3-Limited cards. Other managers can get one free card per day to improve their starting lineup.

Managers who want to participate in money tournaments right away must purchase Sorare cards. Depending on the level of the card, the manager can then access the respective tournaments. The 4 tiers of cards available for purchase are as follows:

  • Limited
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Unique
1000 limited players for every saison
1 unique player card for every saison

How to purchase sorare cards

Managers who want to level up quickly in order to earn more lucrative prizes should head to the “Market” to make their first card purchases. The market menu is divided into 2 areas: one market for new cards and another market for reselling cards.

You can buy single cards and sets of 5 cards (aka “packs”) in the new market. It is highly important to use the different filters in the left column to refine the search (age, position, card type, etc.). On the resale market, only individual cards are resold between managers. Here, you can also use the filter to get the result you want faster.

Finally, there is one more way to buy cards. Here you have to contact a manager directly to make him an offer to buy or trade a card.

To learn more about buying and reselling Sorare cards, we have created a special page for you.

By trading efficiently and cleverly you can also earn money in the game. Since the cards do not lose their value (like the FUT cards, for instance), you remain in possession of a digital object of value.

how to buy a player pack on

Cryptocurrencies & Cash Wallet at Sorare

As mentioned in the introduction, Sorare uses a blockchain-based cryptocurrency to make purchases and sales on the platform. For this purpose, the company chose Ethereum (ETH).

In the market, you are able to display the prices in Euros or in Ethereum when buying and selling cards. If you haven’t obtained Ethereum yet, you can easily use an e-wallet to convert your Euros to Ethereum by making a credit card payment.

E-wallets available on Sorare include Moonpay and Ramp. The deposit and withdrawal menu is available at the top right by clicking on the credit card logo.

Sorare has just launched its Cash Wallet, a secure, effortless solution for making transactions. Serving as a virtual wallet, Sorare managers can now buy, sell and exchange player cards with cash. Rewards can also be received in cash on the platform! To activate the Cash Wallet, go to your account settings.