Major League Baseball’s new 2024 season resumes on Sorare

Welcome to the 2024 Major League Baseball (MLB) season on Sorare fantasy! It’s going to be an exciting year with new features, new tournaments, new rewards and new player cards for fantasy baseball fans.

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Introduction of In-Season cards with Classic Season cards

As with the new Sorare football roadmap 2024, MLB will also be adopting In-Season and Classic Season cards within its new competitions such as the Champion.

As a reminder, In-Season cards are Pro cards for the coming season (2024) and Classic Season cards are Pro cards from previous seasons (2022, 2023).

Champion competitions (in the different card types) will require managers to use certain cards from the current season (2024). In these competitions, managers can win cash/ETH prizes and awards with the best cards. Managers will still be able to use their best Classic Season cards in this competition.

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At the start of the season (28th March), Sorare MLB In-Season card requirements will be lower. Managers will have 8 weeks between the opening of the market and the full season requirements taking effect, giving them time to adjust their galleries and strategy on Sorare.

The All Star, Pro and American / National League competitions will remain largely unchanged, but the reward system will be adjusted to take account of the new Champion competitions. For these competitions, managers can use Pro cards from previous seasons.

Capping the number of cards and rewards

Limited cards will now have a ceiling of 1,000 per player per season, compared with 5,000 previously. Rare cards will be reduced to 100 per player per season, down from 1,000. Super Rare cards will now have only 10 cards per player per season, while Unique cards will retain their status with only 1 card, as before.

Common cards will continue to be available in unlimited quantities throughout the season, serving as an entry to the game without being able to be bought, sold or traded between managers.

In terms of rewards, Sorare app announces a significant increase in cash/ETH rewards, reaching a total of at least $1,000,000 for the season.

Finally, reward boxes make their appearance. Initially, these boxes will contain Pro cards and credits to purchase new cards, offering multiple ways to enrich your gallery.