How to make money on Sorare ?

Many current or future managers often ask themselves this question: How to make money on Sorare? Even if the rules often change on the platform, we will make a point on this page about the strategies to earn money on the fantasy game Sorare. To do so, we will discuss the different game modes (free and paid) that will give you the right to cash or valuable cards in order to resell them!

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Rewards with free cards

Sorare announced on December 8, 2022 the latest rules of the game in effect from the year 2023. First, we must address the revolution of the free game mode for Football. Thus, with the arrival of the Sorare Amateur mode draft system for soccer, the platform extends the experience that started during the last World Cup with the Global Cup. All the Common (free) cards earned so far have been deactivated in the players’ galleries.

Instead, each coach has to make a draft with a budget of 400 points by selecting 8 players (2 per team maximum) from the 5 biggest leagues in Europe (Premier League, Serie A, Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1). The Amateur competitions take place on every league day. There are no more competitions in free mode during the Champions League or the Europa League for example. Moreover, on each day, 2 changes per team are possible in order to exchange an injured or suspended player. It should be noted that this “Capped” mode, i.e. with a limited number of points per team, is becoming more common in soccer and NBA tournaments.

During each Game Week, players ranked in the top 200 places will receive Limited (paid) cards that will give them access to the paid competition called Semi Pro. The different Limited cards in play are Star Limited (1st place), Tier 1 Limited (place 2 to 5), Tier 2 Limited (place 6 to 50) and Tier 3 Limited (place 51 to 200).

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The Amateur competition in soccer is the first gateway to earn money on the platform. Similarly, the Sorare NBA game mode also offers competitions in free mode. On the other hand, the gameplay is closer to the old game mode on Sorare soccer with Common cards that you win over the GW with different levels (Common Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3…).

For NBA mode players, you’ll need to line up your best cards in the Common Champion competition, as the top 1000 players in the leaderboard will be awarded Limited cards, which will also be a way to enter competitions with higher payouts. The Limited card awards in Common Champion NBA are as follows: Tier 1 Limited (place 1-3), Tier 2 Limited (place 4-125), Tier 3 Limited (place 126-400), Tier 4 Limited (place 401-750) and Tier 5 Limited (place 751-1000).

Rewards and money with paid cards

Players who want to earn more money or earn it faster will need to invest in pay cards. As a reminder, here are the different levels of pay cards, from cheapest to most expensive:

  • Limited
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Unique

With these paying cards, many tournaments will be offered in the Football, NBA and MLB modes. During each tournament, rewards with other paying cards will be offered to the players according to the ranking. All these cards are of course a source of profit since they can be resold on the resale market called “Manager Sales”.

Make money on Sorare with Cap 240 mode

But here we will talk about another important point concerning the earnings on Sorare, that is the topic of the tiers. Levels are money that is paid out to the highest ranked managers in each game week. Since the new rules were introduced at the beginning of 2023, all competitions with paid cards on Sorare Football give the right to cash money!

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Thus, in addition to the paying cards depending on the competition in which the coach is registered, a sum of money will be credited to the player’s account if he finishes in one of the first 3 places of the general ranking. So it is possible to win money with Sorare! For example, the Challenger Europe – Rare tournament gives you 375€ and 1 Star Rare card for 1st place, 258€ and 1 Star Rare card for 2nd place and 188€ and 1 Star Rare card for 3rd place. For now, only the Football mode allows such rewards. It should happen soon for NBA and MLB.

Finally, the other way to earn money directly from each Gameweek is to create a team in the Cap 240 competition. Here too, you need to create a team of 5 players, with a points limit set at 240. The difference with the other competitions is that not only does the overall ranking earn you cards and money, but also if your team achieves a score of 280 points! The amount of cash won depends on the type of card used: Limited ($5 cash from 280 points), Rare ($50 cash from 280 points), Super Rare ($250 cash from 280 points) and Unique ($500 cash from 280 points). For Limited cards, for example, an investment of around €20 is required to have a team with 5 cards. The return on investment (ROI) will be achieved and even exceeded once the 280-point threshold has been reached 5 times in total. Under the new rules, a captain’s score is increased by 20% and the card percentages are applied.

Here is an overview of how to earn money playing on Sorare app. The advantage of the game is that it is possible to play in free mode but also with a small budget thanks to the Limited cards. Those who want to earn more money quickly can do so by investing in Rare, Super Rare or Unique cards in order to reach the tiers and higher value cards to resell on the market between managers.