Sign up for the Rivals League during Euro 2024 to play against Zidane

With the European Championship 2024, it’s your chance to play Rivals League 2.0 on Sorare to be the best and win over 350,000 rewards, including the chance to play soccer with Zinedine Zidane!

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How do I join a Rivals League?

The free fantasy game Sorare is launching a new competition during the European Football Championship 2024. Want to take part? Start a Rivals League with your friends or join one. Show that you and your friends are the best in this tournament!

Compete against other groups of friends in the EURO with global ranking. You can join up to 5 Rivals Leagues with a maximum of 20 members in each League. You’ll be competing for big rewards, which is why we’ve limited the number of leagues you can join.

How to play Rivals League at Euro 2024?

To play in the Rivals League during the competition, you need to put together a team of 5 players for each match, with an associated tactic (tiki-taka, joga bonito etc…).

Compositions score points according to their actual performance. So when you watch a Rivals match live on the Sorare app, you can see the evolution of players’ scores in real time.

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Each day, define your team compositions for one match or for all matches. Only your team’s highest score for each day will be taken into account in your League’s ranking table.

Finally, the scores of the top 5 members of your League will determine the total score. Then, the scores of all the Leagues will be ranked in the World Ranking!

What are the rewards?

Over 350,000 extraordinary rewards, including the chance to play soccer with Zinedine Zidane! But what else?

Every day, the league member with the highest daily score wins a rewards box with chances to win Sorare Pro cards, mystery jerseys or Arena tickets.

If you’d also like to play solo, keep an eye out for the ambassador leagues coming soon. In the ambassador leagues, you can compete against all the other members of the ambassador leagues for exclusive rewards (Sorare Pro cards, match tickets, signed jerseys…).