How to sell and resell Sorare cards

Buying and selling cards on Sorare is one of the key elements of the game. After all, the selection of your cards determines in which of the various tournaments on the platform you can compete. Therefore, we will cover several important topics such as buying, reselling, strategy, etc. on this page. Take some time to browse through our website and benefit from our free consultation!

example of card set of psg in sorare

Sorare cards – a definition

The player cards are at the heart of the Sorare experience. Without them it is not possible to set up a team and participate in fantasy football tournaments on the platform. In addition to the rewards earned in these contests, we will look at other ways how you can make the cards profitable. Especially the trading of cards offers great opportunities to earn real money.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s take a look at all the types of cards in the game. As you probably know, we need to distinguish free cards (“Common” in grey) from these different cards that require payment:

  • Limited (yellow – 1000 cards per season)
  • Rare (red – 100 cards per season)
  • Super rare (blue – 10 cards per season)
  • Unique (brown – 1 card per season)

Each card is based on NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology, meaning it is digitally authenticated. For paid cards, the value depends on the type of card and the player’s performance. Keep in mind that “Limited” cards are the cheapest and “Unique” cards are the most expensive. There are also rare players (for instance in red: 100 cards per season).

All cards contain the same information, which looks as follows:

  • Current season
  • Card serial number
  • Club crest and shirt number of the player
  • Age, position and nationality of the player

Depending on the cards you own, you can register your team in various Sorare leagues, which are called So5 (there are 5 currently). Paid and free cards can be mixed to enter fantasy football competitions. For example, it is possible to mix Rare and Super Rare cards in Division 3.

How to purchase cards

As explained above, buying cards on Sorare is crucial for a player or manager looking to make money by succeeding in tournaments or by reselling tickets. We will deal exclusively with the topic of ticket purchases here.

To access the purchasing platform, click on “Market” at the top and then on “New Card Market”. The purchasing system works with auctions for each card. The cards whose auctions are about to end appear in the middle of the page. As they are all mixed, we recommend using the filters in the left column to get a clearer picture.

Among the most important filters are the following:

  • Rarity (card type)
  • Position
  • Price
  • League
  • Age

Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is click on “bid” and type in the amount you want to bid in Euros or in Ethereum.

my team overviewin sorare with owned cards
affiliation planetsorare

In addition to individual cards, there is also a purchase mode for card bundles or “packs”. These packs are always sold with 5 cards containing players from the same team. However, it can sometimes occur that card types are mixed up. Just like with new single cards, it is therefore best to use the filters in the left column.

To enter a competition, a manager must own at least 5 players with at least 1 player per position (plus one substitute, who cannot be a goalkeeper). The price of the tickets is very volatile, there can be tickets for less than €5 but also tickets that can cost up to €400,000! (Kylian Mbappé’s unique card was sold for €416,000 in May 2022).

How to used cards for sale

In this section, we take a look at the resale market, also known as the “used market”. To get there, you also have to click on “Market”. There you can select “Resales” or “Best Deals” on the right. Managers who want to buy a used card can also use the filters to refine their search. The process is the same as when buying a new single ticket. The only difference is that the seller’s name appears at the bottom of the auction card.

A piece of advice: you can ask managers to exchange cards (with or without an additional amount of money). If you are interested in a card, but the player has not offered it for sale, you can also write a message to the respective manager who owns this card and make an offer.

Finally, if you have a roster of players and wish to resell, simply select the card of your choice and then place it on the resale market. The bidding system will be set up and you just have to wait for the offers from other managers.

Strategy – scouting players

The usual way to earn rewards in Sorare is by doing well in fantasy football competitions. But there is another way to make money on Sorare: scouting and trading.

The term “scouting” keeps popping up in the world of football when clubs try to recruit future talents around the world. On Sorare you can search for the next superstar players in the same way in order to resell them for huge profits if they go to a big club. Here you act like a real manager who can earn money by trading players. To do this, you can use various search methods such as the Sorare app or other websites specialized in this field.

Our advice: If a player doesn’t have their card on Sorare yet, you can follow them to be notified when their card goes on sale!

Naturally, it is possible to combine the So5 game mode with scouting and trading strategies. As you can see, buying and reselling tickets is an essential part of the game, so give yourself plenty of time beforehand to set up your own player squad.