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Sorare has added the NBA to it’s list of games available on it’s platform since October 18, 2022. Fans of the North American basketball championship can now enjoy all the Sorare competitions and cards for sale on the site! On this page we will see how the NBA game on Sorare works so that you can be sure to build a great team and win rewards.

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Sorare NBA : open an account

After the launch of the platform dedicated to soccer and then to baseball with the MLB championship in early 2022, Sorare NBA has just inaugurated it’s platform dedicated to basketball thanks to it’s exclusive partnership with the National Basketball Association. Since October 18, 2022, all managers who wish to do so can buy and sell Sorare NBA cards to build their best lineup! If you don’t have an account yet, you can get a free card after the 5th one you bought on the platform by clicking on the following link.

Coaches who already have an account on Sorare soccer or baseball don’t need to make an additional registration. Only one account is needed to play on Sorare. Same thing for the wallet, the amount in ethereum or in euros can be spent for soccer, basketball and baseball as well. You just need to enter your password to confirm your purchase or the sale of a card from your gallery.

Competitions / Game Week NBA

At the time of writing, Sorare NBA offers 11 different competitions with all existing map types. This is a little bit less than Sorare soccer which has 19 at the moment. This delay should be caught up quickly as the basketball game has only been launched a few weeks ago.

Here is the list of competitions where managers can field their best NBA teams with the allowed card type:

  • Common Contender (Common)
  • Common Champion (Common)
  • Common Under 23 (Common)
  • Limited Contender (Limited)
  • Limited Champion (Limited)
  • Limited Veterans (Limited)
  • Rare Contender (Rare)
  • Rare Champion (Rare)
  • Super Rare Contender (Super Rare)
  • Super Rare Champion (Super Rare)
  • Unique Champion (Unique)
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The principle of the competitions remains the same as in soccer with 2 Game Weeks per week organized and rewards obtained for the highest ranked managers. Go to each competition to list the rewards available according to the ranking in a competition.

For example, the top 3 players in the Limited Champion will each receive a Rare Tier 1 card. Players ranked 4th through 40th will receive a Rare Tier 2 card. Players ranked 41st through 150th place will receive a Rare Tier 3 card. From 151st to 320th place: a Limited Tier 2 card. 321st through 515th place: a Limited Tier 3 card. From 516th place to 820th place: a Limited Tier 4 card. Finally, from 821st to 1160th place: a Limited Tier 5 card.

How to line up the best team?

Regarding the teams to be fielded in each competition, there are similarities and differences with soccer. To start with, the common point is that you have to line up 5 players per competition, no matter what level of cards is required for a tournament. The players involved must of course play the match in order to receive a score that will determine the final ranking. Of course, two cards of the same player cannot be aligned on the same line up. Last but not least, in order to get cards, there are also auctions for new cards, packs or resale between managers.

For the differences, there is the introduction of Cap Points for each basketball competition. This means that a maximum number of points for the 5 players aligned is required. This number of points is different depending on the tournament, it can be 110 points in Contender or 120 points in Champion by adding an MVP player (the one with the highest score) who will not be counted in the aligned team.

The other difference with soccer is that it is not necessary to add a player at each position on the field. So, regardless of the position of the players, you only need to line up 5 cards in a given category. This is a great advantage compared to soccer because there is no big investment in a goalkeeper for example. Thus, the line up can be composed of 5 players playing at the position of pivot or leader, the team will be validated!

Finally, the Sorare app is available for Android and iOS on smartphone. As with soccer, it is possible to make your team in the NBA from the app or from the mobile version, which is very powerful because it offers other possibilities like buying and selling players.