Championship Chase: $100,000 at stake on Sorare during the NBA 2024 playoffs

The start of the 2024 playoffs on Sorare NBA is fast approaching from April 19. To prepare for the final tournament of the season, Sorare teams have modified the rules with a new tournament to adapt to the competition format. Let’s take a look at what will change during this period.

sorare x nba

Championship Chase game format during NBA 2024 playoffs on Sorare

Which NBA franchise will succeed the Denver Nuggets? Can Nikola Jokic’s team retain its title? We’ll have the answer soon, as the NBA playoffs kick off on April 19, 2024. To kick off this final tournament, Sorare will be adjusting its gameplay to make the Playoffs even more exciting.

Two Game weeks will take place each week, but the teams used will also be added to a championship that will run throughout the final tournament. All competitions will be maintained during the Playoffs, but some will not be part of the ongoing championship (known as the Championship Chase), such as the following competitions: Garage Hoops, Rec League, Streetball, Limited Tip-Off.

The long-running format (or Championship Chase) and the classic formats will of course all be rewarded on the Sorare fantasy game, as you can see in the following paragraph. NBA cards, cash, game credits and VIP experiences are all on the agenda!

Cash and card rewards at the NBA 2024 playoffs

Although further details on the amount and distribution of the cash prizes will be announced between now and the start of the final tournament, we can already announce the total amount to be won at the NBA 2024 Playoffs on Sorare app: $100,000!

In addition to this cash sum, there will of course be cards to be won, as well as game credits to buy Sorare cards of your choice. Special Playoffs 2024 cards will also be distributed.

In addition to these cash and card rewards, Sorare is adding exclusive VIP experiences this year! For example, top players will receive VIP packages to attend NBA events of their choice, such as the NBA Paris Game 2025 or the NBA All-Star Game 2025.

These are not just match tickets, but a pass to the heart of the action.