Sorare Rivals 2.0: Start earning rewards now!

The new Rivals game mode on Sorare landed at the start of 2024 for all managers. Over the months and in response to feedback from users, the fantasy soccer platform has transformed its game to launch a new version with better rewards to be won!

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Sorare Rivals 2.0: a division system for top coaches

The Sorare website has revamped its Rivals free-to-play system to make it even better, more attractive and with more prizes to be won! To achieve this, several things have been changed: the reputation system, the Arena mode and the amount of rewards.

The first major change is to Arena mode, with the introduction of divisions based on the number of points earned by players. Initially, managers were assigned to divisions ranging from 1 to 10 based on their latest ranking and reputation.

Each week, managers playing in the Arena will be grouped into rankings of 20 managers within their division. By taking part in exciting Arena matches against other managers in your division, you can earn points for every match you win, and lose points for every match you lose.

At the end of the week (every Tuesday), the best managers in each ranking will be promoted, while the worst performers will be relegated. If a player is inactive, he or she will be relegated just once.

To offer a more attractive experience and encourage Arena participation, it is no longer possible to claim an Arena ticket every day. Instead, the manager has the opportunity to play one Arena match each day, free of charge. Tickets accumulated before the new version are not lost.

You can earn even more tickets by completing daily missions and opening reward boxes (after completing a series of 3 victories).

A more advantageous rewards system

As explained above, Arena victories will earn points for the weekly Sorare app leaderboard. This new dynamic division system will greatly enhance the manager experience, promoting progression, commitment and better rewards.

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At the end of each week’s duels, the top 10 finishers by division will be rewarded for their performances with a number of mystery boxes that could contain :

  • Mystery jersey
  • Limited card (Star, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5)
  • Arena tickets

Are you ready to claim your place among the managerial elite? Open an account now to take on the best trainers on Sorare!