Sorare Data: the free tool to build your soccer teams without making mistakes

Sorare Data is the best free tool for checking players’ form and putting together the best possible teams for each matchday. So this week, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Sorare Data.

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Sorare Data: make your own soccer team lineups

Last week we introduced you to Sorare Jet for the NBA. This time we offer you the best site for composing your line-up without making any big mistakes. Logging on to the site is very simple, as all you have to do is log in with your Sorare credentials. Once on the site, 4 categories are displayed at the top of the page, in addition to the menu:

  • Gameweek
  • Scout
  • Builder
  • Market

It’s important to know that Sorare Data is valid for soccer, basketball and baseball. But we’re only going to focus on soccer in this article. The 2 categories we’re most interested in are: Scout and Builder.

So, to create your team without (almost) making a mistake, go to “Builder” and then “Lineup Builder”. Then choose the competition you’re interested in, and complete your team by taking into account all the information displayed. The green logo shows that the player is available for the match, with the percentage chance of starting or being on the bench underneath.

Also important is the “Odds” box on the right, which shows the player’s percentage chance of making a clean sheet, an assist or scoring, depending on his position. The other options, which are locked, can be unlocked by paying a subscription fee to the website.

Scouting with Sorare Data

Another interesting feature of the app Sorare Data is the scouting function, which enables you to find players who are still under the radar of other managers. To do this, select the “Player rankings” option, then filter your search using the many free options available on the site.

Among the most important filters are the league in which the player plays, his average L15 rating, his position and his eligibility for the next Game Week or U23. Here again, other options are available for a fee.

Despite this, Sorare Data remains an excellent way of refining your teams to earn rewards on Sorare.