Sorare NBA Jet: the free website that will help you earn even more!

The American basketball championship resumed last week, with the world’s best players already competing against each other. As you know, on Sorare NBA, you can create your own team to win rewards. Today we’re going to introduce you to a free tool for doing just that: Sorare NBA Jet!

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Sorare NBA Jet: a free team-building tool

Here we go, the NBA launched on October 24, 2023 with new NBA 2023-2024 gameplay on Sorare! Since defending champion Denver’s 119-107 victory over the Lakers, we’ve already seen some great action in Week 1. Victor Wembayama’s first win with the Spurs against Houston at home, the Bucks’ one-point victory over the Sixers or Phoenix’s win over the Utah Jazz, the marathon of games is going on every day!

So many opportunities to create teams and win cash or cards on Sorare with Gameweeks every 4 days. Whether you’ve picked up free Common cards or own Limited, Rare, Super Rare or Unique cards, we’ve found the perfect tool for you to create your ideal lineup: Sorare NBA Jet!

Registration on this site is very easy, as it automatically logs you in with your Sorare game credentials. Sorare NBA Jet then immediately collects your data and the cards you own. It works in the same way as Sorare Data. It’s very easy to get started. The site’s creator has devised his own algorithm to deliver the best possible team per Game Week, depending on the capped mode selected.

How do I create a Sorare NBA Jet team?

What’s more, Sorare NBA Jet also offers an extension that can be installed on Chrome and Firefox browsers. However, there is no Sorare Android NBA Jet application for smartphone yet.

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Finally, to create a team on Sorare NBA Jet, the manager must select “Try Lineup autobuilder” and then “Generate lineups” on the next page. Various options are offered, such as selecting the competition of your choice, ranking players by score, by number of matches played or simply excluding players from the list so that Sorare NBA Jet doesn’t take them into account before generating the best possible team.

Several team proposals are then displayed, along with the possible score, maximum projection and average projection. What’s more, each player is shown the probable score per match, as well as the number of minutes that could be played. And of course, it’s all free!