Sorare Rivals: the new free game mode for playing against your friends!

Sorare fantasy football has launched a new game mode for the start of 2024: Rivals! Put your teams together at any football match to take on your friends or other managers and earn ranking points to win prizes in the Arena.

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What is the Rivals game mode?

Rivals is the new free game mode dedicated to football matches on Sorare. How does it work? Choose your So5 team for any football match covered by the Sorare app. Once your team is ready, you can challenge your friends or other managers to climb the rankings.

You can play as many times as you like, whether in league matches or international competitions. To play Sorare Rivals, you need to have an online account. Click on the link below to register.

Once you have validated your registration, choose Rivals from the Lobby on the site’s home page. The day’s matches are all displayed in the left-hand column. Then all you have to do is choose your team and captain (subject to a points cap) and find a friend from your list or look for managers who have already prepared their line-up.

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Tip: if you can, wait for the official line-ups because Sorare will tell you which 22 players will start the match. This way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises with a score of 0 if a player doesn’t play in the match. Another tip for winning Sorare rewards is to choose your team’s tactics carefully (Tiki Taka, Gegen Pressing etc…) as your players will be awarded bonus points.

Earn rewards & tickets as you enter the Arena

Finally, once you’re confident with at least one victory in the Rivals game mode, you can enter the Arena! Sorare will give you tickets to take part. The principle is the same as in Rivals, except that you’ll face another manager 1:1 in a match of your choice.

The more matches you win in Rivals, the more chance you have of winning rewards and boosting your reputation!

The prizes include mystery boxes containing a host of gifts, including signed football shirts, Sorare free cards and Arena tickets.