Private leagues Liga & Bundesliga: $25,000 at stake before Christmas 2023

Sorare fantasy football is preparing 2 private leagues concerning the Liga and Bundesliga leagues to reward its managers before the winter break. If you’ve already purchased a Limited card via the Private League page, this next tournament is for you!

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Private League Sorare : Liga & Bundesliga

Private leagues, or custom leagues, are among the latest additions to Sorare strategy, enabling players to challenge friends and other managers, as well as taking part in ephemeral competitions launched by Sorare. Before the winter break, the fantasy soccer site will be creating 2 new private leagues dedicated to the following leagues: La Liga and Bundesliga.

This new competition dedicated to Spanish and German soccer is in addition to the Premier League Winter Competition, which has already begun and will run until Boxing Day! Get ready, these 2 new private leagues start this Friday, December 8 and will end on Friday, December 22. They will therefore be spread over 4 GM, from Game Week 431 to Game Week 434.

These 2 private leagues are accessible to managers who have collected their first Limited card via the Private (or Custom) League page. Players who do not yet have a paying card will enter a specific onboarding for the private leagues, enabling them to draft 8 common cards and receive a $10 voucher (to be used during onboarding only) to collect their first Limited card.

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For each league, the player must choose 1 limited card and 4 common cards. Note that it is not possible to play in both leagues. You have to choose!

25,000$ prize pool for these 2 private league

Both private leagues will offer the same prize pool to managers who have opted for either the private league in the Bundesliga or the private league in La Liga.

Firstly, there will be credit rewards with a total of $25,000 for all players to use on the Sorare card market. There will also be various prizes such as jerseys and tickets to soccer matches!

Prepare and strengthen your teams for these competitions using your soccer knowledge and team-building skills.