Sorare is already giving presents before Christmas with a special Premier League tournament!

The end of 2023 is approaching and Sorare football is already preparing for 2024! But in the meantime, managers will be able to get their last thrills before New Year’s Eve thanks to Boxing Day in the Premier League.

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500,000$ in cash rewards to be won

That’s right, Sorare is organizing an end-of-year tournament with $500,000 in cash prizes to be shared between managers! It’s the best way to win money on Sorare, and it’s available this November.

From November 25, 2023 to January 30, 2024, the Premier League Winter Competition will reward managers who field the best teams on each day of the English League.

The half-million-dollar rewards do not relate to a specific prize, but to all winnings from the Sorare mobile app. This exceptional tournament will cover 11 championship weeks, including Boxing Day. During each Game Week, it will be possible to win cash prizes! For example, for the Limited cards, the first 800 managers will be rewarded each week with $1,000 in cash for 1st place, $500 for 2nd place, $300 for 3rd place etc… up to the 800th place where there will be $8 to be won. However, there will be no cards involved.

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Managers must assemble their team of 5 players within a 270-point Cap, based on the average of a player’s last 15 scores. XP and captain bonuses apply. In addition to cash prizes, giveaways will be distributed. Sorare is already announcing that further special tournaments of this type will be added in the coming months.

New long format tournament in Cap 220

Another new feature at the end of the year is the introduction of a long-form competition in Cap 220. After the long-form competition in Cap 270, this is a new stage for this type of competition on Sorare.

It will start on Friday November 24 and run over 8 Game Weeks until December 22, 2023. Only the 4 best scores during this period will be retained by the platform. There will be no weekly rewards in Cap 220 from Game Week 427 to 434.

This is a new opportunity for managers with cards from different championships to perform in this tournament!