The English Premier League has arrived on Sorare!

Good news is piling up on the Sorare side. After the launch of the Sorare amateur mode with the Draft on Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga, the gaming platform has just announced a partnership with the biggest soccer league in the world: the Premier League.

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Premier League Fantasy starts this weekend

Monday, January 30, 2023 will remain as an important date in the history of the Sorare fantasy game with the official partnership made public on social networks. Indeed, the Premier League has partnered with Sorare to make the English league and its players part of the game.

This means that as of today, it is possible to buy and sell Sorare cards with all the players of the 20 clubs of the most followed league in the world. Not only that, but several new competitions will also start during the next Game Week, which begins on Friday, February 3, 2023.

Managers will now be able to field their Premier League players in English-only competitions or mix their cards with other competitions (e.g. European Champion).

As mentioned in the introduction, the free Amateur mode with draft has also been added especially for the Premier League. The rules remain the same as for the other leagues.

Historic partnership between Sorare and the Premier League

The reactions are obviously positive from Sorare’s side but also from the English league’s side. “The way fans follow their favourite teams and players is changing and the Premier League is always looking for ways to engage with fans”, said the Premier League’s Chief Executive.

Richard Masters added, “Sorare’s innovative digital maps and online game represent a new way for them to feel closer to the Premier League, whether they are watching in the stadium or from around the world. We believe Sorare is the perfect partner for the Premier League and we look forward to working closely together.”

So don’t wait any longer to discover the new maps dedicated to the Premier League with the Sorare app.