Roadmap Sorare 2024: new competition in Cap 240

Sorare has kicked off 2024 with the announcement of major changes to come! From February to August, the game mode will undergo a profound evolution, with changes at every level. One example is the famous Cap 240 tournament.

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Cap 240 changes from February 16

The first piece of information is that the Cap 240 rules remain unchanged for the time being, and will not be discontinued. This is the most famous competition on the Sorare fantasy platform. The 240-point game mode will remain unchanged for the time being, and tiers will continue to be available until August.

However, Sorare has just made a major change in terms of rewards by inserting 3 tiers instead of the previous one.

Depending on the number of points earned during the Game Week, managers will be rewarded as follows:

Limited :

  • 270 points : 2$
  • 340 points : 8$
  • 390 points : 25$

Rare :

  • 270 points : 15$
  • 340 points : 80$
  • 390 points : 250$

Super Rare :

  • 270 points : 60$
  • 340 points : 320$
  • 390 points : 1000$

Unique :

  • 270 points : 150$
  • 340 points : 800$
  • 390 points : 2500$

As all player attention was focused on the old Cap 240 tier, Sorare app decided to make a change. The 3 tiers introduced from Game Week on February 16, 2024 is a first response to the lack of progression and fun cited by the platform.

With this new formula, coaches will have to choose in advance which tier they will try to reach (270 points, 340 or 390) with the associated reward. Finally, this new version of the Cap 240 is reserved for managers who have already participated in the tournament at least once before February 16.

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Roadmap 2024: more changes to come

The new Cap 240 operating mode is just the first change to come this year, but many more will follow! We’ll have time to go into more detail in future articles on our site.

The other major change will be the introduction of the In-Season and Classic Season system, which will distinguish more clearly between cards from the current season (In-Season) and those from previous seasons (Classic Season).

Sorare’s strategy is that, from August 2024 onwards, In-Season cards will be used to win cash, while Classic Season cards will be used to win cards from the current season.