Yang Hyun-Jun and Rodrigo Ribeiro: the two Sorare cards you must have!

As the World Cup progresses, soccer leagues around the world is approaching. So it’s the perfect time to stock up on Sorare cards! Our two young talents of the week are Yang Hyun-Jun and Rodrigo Ribeiro.

Sorare Scouting News

Yang Hyun-Jun 20 years old: Midfielder of Gangwon FC

Our first talent to play on Sorare is a 20 year old midfielder named Yang Hyun-Jun. This promising right midfielder plays for Gangwon FC in South Korea. He is a regular player in his team because he has already played 31 games this season for 8 goals scored and 4 assists distributed.

He is an experienced player for his young age. He is regularly called in the U23 national team. Trained in the club of Busan Sangri, he joined Gangwon for free in 2021. An excellent deal for the club who made him sign a contract until 2025!

On Sorare app, the player’s card is available in both Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique. There are currently cards available for 10€ from managers who are reselling their cards. This is a good opportunity to grab!

Rodrigo Ribeiro 17 years old: striker of Sporting Lisbon

The other talent of the week is Rodrigo Ribeiro, a 17-year-old player who is a favorite of Sporting Lisbon. Formed in the same club as Cristiano Ronaldo, the player made his debut this season with the professional group in Liga Nos. He played only 1 game in the championship but 6 games in Youth League where he scored 4 goals and gave 2 assists. He is also called to the national team in youth categories like the U20.

The value of the 17-year-old player is estimated at 3 million euros. His contract runs until 2024. His club should quickly submit a new proposal to extend his contract with the Lisbon club.

On Sorare soccer, the value of the player keeps rising but it is still time to get his card. In Limited, the player’s card is still under the 100€ mark but it shouldn’t last long before the price increases again.