Open a private Sorare league to win prizes !

As the 2022 World Cup kicks off, it’s possible to launch your own private league with friends to win prizes! Here’s how to participate in the World Cup 2022 on Sorare.

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Create or join a private league on Sorare

As you know, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar started this Sunday, November 20, with Ecuador beating the tournament hosts 2-0. On the occasion of the 2022 World Cup, the fantasy game offers you to win rewards with the Global Cup Sorare 22. It’s simple, just register and play for free on Sorare by joining the Global Cup. Then, each manager can make his team with a total of 100 points for 5 players. There are many prizes and awards for the winners on each day. Find all the essential information in our last article.

The second news of the fantasy game that combines NFT and Ethereum is the launch of private leagues for all managers! To access it, you have to go to the “Play” section and then choose “Private Leagues”. A new tab will open with 2 possibilities: Create a private league or join an existing league.

To create your own league, you have to complete several steps like choosing a league avatar, a name, giving a description and choosing the competition that will be integrated in the league. During the World Cup, only the Global Cup mode is displayed.

When the league is open, you can invite friends or other managers via the link to your private league. Managers who join an existing league just have to insert this link in the box “Join a league”.

Many rewards to earn with the private league

Download Sorare app in order to get rewards for all managers who start a league with at least 6 registered players. In this case, the player who started the league will automatically be entered in the draw which will allow 100 managers to win an official autographed jersey!

As for the rest of the season, there will be 2 days per week during the World Cup so don’t waste your time to open your league and play in the Global Cup at the same time to win the prizes mentioned above.