Playsharper: the site to build your So5 team without making a mistake!

The time has come to validate your team and you’re not sure whether your favorite striker will be back in the starting 11? You’re sure to find the answer on the Playsharper website! The essential tool for avoiding DNP in your So5.

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Playsharper: the site of probable compositions for football

After a break over the festive season, returns in 2024 with even more valuable information on the gaming platform dedicated to soccer, NBA and MLB!

To kick off the year, let’s start with an invaluable tip for making your soccer or NBA teams with almost no mistakes: Playsharper. If you’ve never heard of it, you should know that it’s a website designed for team compositions for various Fantasy League sites such as Sorare app.

When you log on to the site, you can choose whether to link your Sorare account to the site or to view the lineups without. To access the teams, select “Tools” at the top, then “Sorare” and finally “Lineup Predictions”.

On the next page, choose the date of your Game Week, then the country championship you’re interested in. All the matches for the current day will be displayed, so all you have to do is select the matches involving your players with whom you have Sorare football cards.

Observe percentages of chance to play

A new page opens with the probable composition of the teams and the percentage chance of playing for each player. Between 90 and 95%, the player has a very good chance of playing in the match. If this percentage is lower, one or two substitute players are indicated by the site. The last 3 Sorare scores for each player are also displayed.

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Finally, it’s also worth looking at the comments below the team compositions, as many managers ask questions of the person in charge of team composition, or information is added by the person in charge, for example after club coaches’ press conferences.

As you can see, Playsharper is just one more element you can use to fine-tune your Sorare strategy, but it’s not an infallible tool, as anything is possible in football before a match!