Play the Global Cup until the final with the Extra Draft!

As we approach the World Cup semi-finals in Qatar, Sorare’s free Global Cup mode is still available. We explain how to continue the game here.

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Make your Global Cup team with the Extra Draft

We have already talked about it before the beginning of the World Cup in Qatar, the football fantasy Sorare game has developed a gameplay dedicated to the competition with the Global Cup 2022. Each manager can create his own team with a credit of 50 points that he must use to form a team with 4 players on the field + 1 substitute. To enjoy this game mode, you must have a Sorare account by clicking on the link below.

On each day of the group stages or finals, the top-ranked players thanks to their players’ grades were able to receive numerous rewards such as Sorare Limited cards, ETH or special National Series Collections cards dedicated to the 2022 World Cup.

If you made your team in the group stages with Joshua Kimmich, Kasper Dolberg or Gareth Bale, no problem, you have the possibility during each Game Week to select 4 new players with a budget of 50 points. These 4 players must be 1 goalkeeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder and 1 striker. The budget must be fully spent in order to validate his extra draft.

Extra draft before the World Cup semifinals

This Tuesday, December 13, is the kick-off of the semi-finals of the World Cup with the program: Argentina – Croatia. Then on Wednesday, Morocco, surprise team of the competition, will try to qualify for the final by facing the defending champion, France.

All managers have until the kickoff of the first semi-final at 8pm to make their extra draft with the players still present in the competition on their Sorare iOS. After the semi-finals, there will be one last chance for coaches to win awards with the World Cup Final and 3rd place small final matches next Saturday and Sunday.

This free gameplay of the game is already a success as it has gathered over 400,000 people on each day! It’s a great way for new players to discover the game and then continue playing when the championships and cups come around again.