New NBA competitions for beginners on Sorare

After modifying its gameplay for managers in the Football section to play Sorare free and paid, the platform is now tackling the transformation of its free mode for NBA coaches.

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Win Limited Cards with the NBA mode

As of Thursday, February 23, 2023, Sorare NBA has changed its face with the appearance of new competitions for beginners in the game. With the appearance of these new competitions, players will be able to obtain more Limited cards (paying) by playing with Common cards (free).

Here are the new competitions that appeared this Thursday, February 23:

  • Garage Hoops
  • Rec League
  • Limited Tip-Off
  • Pickup

The Garage Hoops competition is for beginner managers only to give them a chance to learn the game and compete against other beginners. This competition replaces the Beginner I.

The Rec League replaces Beginner II. It will allow coaches to combine Common cards with rewards in Common and Limited cards (the first level of paid cards that can be traded or resold to earn money on Sorare).

Another new competition, Limited Tip-Off, allows players to take Common cards to the next level! This mode replaces the Common Champion league. For the first time it will be possible to combine Common and Limited cards in the same competition.

Finally, the Pickup League replaces the Contender Tournament. It is open to all owners of Common cards, whether they are beginners or experienced players on the game platform.

Evolution of the NBA gameplay

As for the new Draft mode in Amateur or Semi Pro on Sorare Football, the game modes are gradually evolving for the NBA. The “Capped” mode system has been introduced from the beginning for basketball but it could also move in the future towards a Draft system why not with Conference competitions but also a Global competition.

In the meantime, new managers can use the Sorare download app to buy NBA cards at auctions or on the resale market between managers. From the app, it is also possible to compose these teams for all tournaments. Good luck to all !