Sorare soccer new features for 2023/2024 season

It’s a tradition that with each new soccer season, Sorare strategy makes changes to the way the game is played, whether managers like it or not! In this article, we take a look at the main changes that will take place from September 2023 onwards.

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Long-term competition and a new format for this season

Sorare’s stated aim is to bring fantasy soccer ever closer to the real world. To achieve this, the teams have been working on two aspects: long-term competitions and an overhaul of the rankings, with changes to XP points and card bonuses.

So, from September onwards, the Global All-Star tournament will be divided into 2 rankings: a ranking for each day and a long-term ranking (over 8 days). For the new long-term Global All-Star ranking, Sorare will take into account the best ranking from 4 of the 8 days.

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The rewards for this new 8-day Global All-Star format will be announced shortly by the platform.

In other competitive news, a new format called “Kick-off” is set to arrive exclusively on the Sorare iOS app. This new tournament is billed by the platform as “fast, social and mobile”, as players will be able to take on their friends in one-off matches, for example. This format will therefore be more fun and accessible for newcomers to the game.

The idea is still to bring new managers into the adventure via free Sorare game modes. The forthcoming introduction of a euros-only wallet for those not wishing to use cryptocurrency is also a strategy to bring in future players.

New calculation of card bonuses and experience points

Before turning to the chapter on the new calculation of experience points (or XP), Sorare has assured us in its latest press release that the calculation of player scores will remain unchanged this season.

On the subject of experience points, Sorare football is embarking on a major project with the possibility of creating its own stadium, training center and physio center! With this idea, the game aims to get closer to a management game like Football Manager, so as to spend more time on map development. The Training and Physio Center will be available for purchase in the Club Shop.

The Training Center will enable a card’s XP to be increased, while the Physio Center will enhance a player’s physical condition.

For example, if managers always use the same players in their team, their physical condition will drop and they will have a lower or zero bonus percentage. These cards should therefore be placed in the Physio Center if managers wish to use them with more bonuses.

To sum up, here are the 4 card bonuses to be taken into account for the new season:

  • New season bonus: +5% for each new season card (-5% for old cards)
  • Fitness bonus (0 to 10%)
  • XP Bonus (0 to 10%)
  • Collection bonus (0 to 5%)

These main announcements will be further detailed in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our website to make sure you don’t miss anything, and take advantage of our links to open a free Sorare account and earn cards.