NBA Playoffs 2023: the rules of the game during the tournament

As the date of the NBA Playoffs on Sorare gets closer (April 11), the fantasy platform that combines NFT and cryptocurrency has just unveiled its schedule during this competition.

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NBA Playoffs 2023 Schedule

This is the first time that the NBA Playoffs will take place on the games Sorare. For this occasion, the platform released a few days ago the rules concerning the tournament with a new gameplay and rewards that will reach 100,000$!

First of all, here is a reminder of how the NBA Playoffs work with the schedule and the teams qualified for this final tournament. On April 9 will take place the last day of the regular season. From April 11 to 14 will take place the Play-In, a kind of pre-tournament that will deliver the last 2 tickets for the Playoffs. During the Play-In, the teams that finished from 7th to 10th place in the Eastern and Western Conferences will compete against each other because the first 6 teams of each Conference are automatically qualified.

From April 15, the 2023 Playoffs will start! Around May 1st, the Conference Semifinals will start, followed by the Finals before the Grand Final on June 1st where the first team with 4 wins will win the competition. The Golden State Warriors are the defending champions after their 4-2 victory over the Boston Celtics in 2022.

Sorare NBA Playoff Special Tournament

Regular competitions in all map types will be offered during Gameweek except for the following competitions: Garage Hoops, Rec League, Limited Tip-Off. What’s new is that Sorare adds a special Playoffs tournament in parallel that will last for the whole tournament, i.e. for 8 Gameweeks.

From Sorare Android, the points accumulated during the 8 Gameweeks will be added to the Sorare special Playoffs 2023 tournament. All NBA cards owned by managers before April 11th will have a 15% boost. Finally, for the rewards, Sorare will offer jerseys, tickets for games and of course money. In total, there will be more than $100,000 in gifts that will be used for this tournament!