Jan Elvedi and Lewis Holtby: Two best cheap soccer player cards on Sorare

Finding the right players for Sorare fantasy football takes time. That’s why in this paper we’ve decided to analyze the card market to find cheap players who will earn you points at the next Game Week!

Sorare Scouting News

Jan Elvedi: 27-year-old central defender with FC Kaiserslautern

Our search for cheap soccer player Sorare cards includes Limited and Rare cards. We have defined a budget of 2 euros per Limited card and 25 euros per Rare card. We’ll start with Jan Elvedi, who plays for Kaiserslautern in the Bundesliga 2, not to be confused with his twin brother Nico Elvedi, who plays for Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Bundesliga.

The 27-year-old central defender has put in one good performance after another since the start of the season. This is reflected in his club’s ranking, which currently places them 3rd in the Bundesliga with 17 points, ex-aequo with Hamburg 2nd and 2 points behind leaders Sankt Pauli. Jan Elvedi has played in all 9 matches since the start of the season, providing 1 assist and picking up 2 yellow cards.

In these scores on Sorare, he has scored over 60 points 3 times and 58 once. This makes him an excellent player for the Cap 240, for example, as he currently has a cumulative L15 score of 44. In terms of price, his Limited card sells for around €1.50 and €25 in Rare. An excellent investment for a Sorare app team!

Lewis Holtby: 33-year-old midfielder from Holstein Kiel

Our second choice is also a Bundesliga 2 player: Lewis Holtby. The 33-year-old midfielder has returned to the starting line-up for his club in the last 3 games, with some very interesting performances. Indeed, he received Sorare ratings of 86 and 81 in his last 2 games against Elversberg and Karlsruher. He provided 1 assist and scored 1 goal in these 2 matches. Holstein Kiel are 4th in the table, just behind Kaiserslautern.

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With this level of performance, it’s hard to see how the player can be removed from the starting 11 after the international break. His price on Sorare best strategy is currently trading around €0.75 in Limited and around €25 in Rare. His cumulative score in L15 is 43.

So now’s the perfect time to buy on Sorare soccer at a very low price and try to win the 280 points to be reached with Cap 240.