Deandre Kerr and Ian Fray our Major League Soccer talents of June 6, 2023

Last weekend, the major European championships gave their verdict! Even though we already knew the names of the champions in the biggest countries, there was still some suspense for the European and relegation places. This week, we’re off to the USA to discover two Major League Soccer talents on Sorare soccer: Deandre Kerr and Ian Fray.

Sorare Scouting News

Deandre Kerr: Toronto FC’s 20-year-old center-forward

During the European summer break, we’ll be focusing on the Major League Soccer championship, as it continues throughout the summer. On Sorare app, MLS is also available in Semi-pro (with 1 Limited card) and Pro (with 4 Limited cards) modes.

Let’s start with Deandre Kerr, a 20-year-old striker who plays for Toronto FC. The Canadian player arrived in January 2022 from Syracuse. This season, he has benefited from injuries and player transfers to glean playing time. He has started 10 of a possible 17 games, scoring 2 goals. So far, he has played 515 minutes and has been substituted 7 times.

Deandre Kerr most often plays as a right-winger, although he can also play on the left or in the center. His contract runs until December 2024, with an option for a further 2 years. He is therefore a player with great potential for the Toronto club. On the Sorare cards market, the price of the Limited player is currently around €5. A good price for a player whose market value is estimated at €2 million.

Ian Fray: Inter Miami 20-year-old defender

Another young talent, this time playing as a central defender: Ian Fray. The young defender has started the last 5 games after a long injury. He scored 1 goal in his team’s 2-1 loss to DC United. This defender knows how to show off when he comes on. He also helped out as a defensive midfielder against Montreal on May 28.

In terms of statistics, he has made 5 appearances in the last 5 games, playing 209 minutes and scoring 1 goal to go with 2 yellow cards. He’s an interesting player to add to your team and your Sorare trading strategy. The player’s card can be purchased for around €2.50 in Limited at present. A good deal for a promising player whose club will be playing matches until the end of October 2023.