How to play Sorare Academy

The Academy game mode has been present on Sorare football for a few months now, among the other competitions. If you’ve never tried this game mode before, or don’t know what it’s for, we’ll answer those questions in this article.

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Sorare Academy: how to use it

The Academy game mode on the Sorare app is unique in that it’s the only one that doesn’t offer card or cash rewards. Instead, it allows players’ cards to benefit from additional experience points. This mode can be compared to a training center for cards for sale or purchase on Sorare.

As with the game’s other tournaments, each player must line up 5 cards, with 1 card for each position + 1 player card for the position of his choice (except goalkeeper). Cards must be paying cards, i.e. Limited, Rare, Super Rare or Unique.

To earn XP points on the cards of Academy-registered players, these players must play a match during the relevant Gameweek. There’s no point in registering players in the Academy if they’re all DNPs. On the other hand, if 2 or 3 players play a match but the others don’t, it’s still worth registering them to increase their experience points.

Boost your cards with XP points

As mentioned above, the great advantage of Academy mode is that it boosts the experience points of Sorare cards that are not used in other Gameweek tournaments.

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XP gains for Limited and Rare cards are doubled, while Super Rare card scores are increased by 20% and Unique card scores by 40%. It’s therefore an interesting strategy on Sorare to add XP points to your unused cards, instead of buying XP points in the Shop.

The player matches allowed in this game mode are the same as for other Sorare tournaments. Don’t forget, XP points or percentages on cards are essential to increase the number of points in tournaments or when reselling cards on the market between managers.